eSC features on ESPN8: The Ocho

04 Aug 2022

eSC race highlights will feature as part of ESPN8: The Ocho’s takeover of ESPN2 on Friday, 5 August

During the 24-hour Ocho programme schedule, eSC will be part of a showcase of emerging sports as ESPN introduce their global audience to these new forms of competition.

The eSkootr Championship highlights will air on ESPN8: The Ocho on Friday, 5 August: 04:30am-05:00am (ET) / 08:30am-09:00am (UTC).

When the channel returns to ESPN2, viewers can watch more eSC race action on the following dates and times:

Saturday, 7 August: 07:30am-08:00am (ET) / 11:30am-12:00pm (UTC)

Monday, 8 August: 11:00pm-11:30pm (ET) / 03:00am-03:30am (UTC)

Tune in to watch all the eSC race highlights and check out the full ESPN8: The Ocho schedule here.